taking care of those who serve

Newcastle Beacon brings together a network of organisations, professionals and volunteers with the common goal of supporting first responders, emergency department personnel, veterans and their families in Newcastle and the Hunter.

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"First responders are the ones sitting with people on the worst day of their lives and that can't happen without a cost. You’ve had our backs. This is about the community saying we've got your back now."

“While there are a lot of services for veterans and former officers, they are difficult to navigate alone. Newcastle Beacon lets people know what is available, helps fill out forms and maintains contact with services.”

“Sometimes employees find it difficult to trust mental health help offered by the workplace. They worry about how much people are going to know. Newcastle Beacon offers neutral ground.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to give what you’ve got left in the jar to others. It gives connection and creates community. It’s about being there for each other.”

If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance you can contact these 24/7 crisis services.

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